Hideaway Pancake Flat Folding Wagon

Special Free Carry Bag Offer!  The Hideaway Pancake Flat Folding Wagon products fold and store the metal handle and wagon wheels right inside the folding wagon in seconds. A mere 7 inches thin folded! The Pancake® folding wagon wheel designs are so innovative they have been granted numerous U.S. & Int'l Patents, are sturdy and safe, and mark the biggest change in wagon/cart versatility in a century.  Sturdy metal--not fabric!   Ships assembled, ready to use.  No tools.  Lay bulky cargo inside or on top of the walls--something you cannot do with fabric style folding wagons.  This versatile folding utility wagon is great for lawn & garden, yard work, art/trade show vendors, sports trainers and coaches, audio-visual, pet/dog show transport, musicians, concert vendors, camping and R/V and any other uses.  Read what others think of this folding wagon here. With bungi cord, you can strap all sorts of cargo in many configurations that fabric style folding wagons will never allow, Click on our Pictures button or just keep clicking thru the product "more images" button to view more than 10 different product versatility & use images.  Stow in trunk, hang on any wall, hip carry, or carry with optional shoulder strap zipper carry bag. 

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The Hideaway Metal Folding Wagon can be hip carried using the side wall handhold openings, and hangs flat against any wall with the included wall hanging loop cable, and you can stow two wagons in a small car trunk.  Stow It, Hang It!  Product Specifications:  34” L x 16” W, 7” No Flat Tires. 27 lbs. (Folding Wagon interior:  31 "L x 12" W) Suggested Cargo rating: 150 lbs.  Just 7.28 inches thin stowed-the thinnest stowed walled wagon product in the world, including those fabric style wagons and any other walled wagon.  This innovative, unique folding wagon product is new in 2012 and is NOT available in retail stores.  Note:  not for outside storage, store inside only.

Check Out the Optional Black Zippered Shoulder strap carry and storage bag:  $14.95

For online orders here only will include the black zippered storage and shoulder strap carry bag FREE with your wagon order!  This special offer only applies to web orders through this website and allows you to store the product in the zippered bag or carry the folded product with the bag's shoulder strap!  The zippered carry bag is valued at $14.95 when ordered separately.

Note: when you buy this folding wagon with this special offer, your sales cart will not list the free carry bag separately in the sales cart since its a free special offer! 

We ship to the 48 "mainland" U.S. states (if you reside in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, try to arrange for receipt in one of the continental US states).

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